'Filling the Gap'
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When we started working with the American Legion, they introduced us to an organization named Veterans One Stop.  This organization works with helping veterans to receive the benefits they deserve whether it is social services, counseling, financial, education or even finding a job!  It is a “One Stop” for veterans!  Well, they have added the Feed-A-Family box to their list of benefits to the veterans that come in for help.

We are so thankful for this organization and the work they do.  Help us feed a veteran!  Donate Today!!

Visit Veterans One Stop website.



20161025_104253What better way to give back than to give to our veterans!  It has been very sobering to learn about how many of our veterans are homeless and/or struggling to feed their families.  We have begun to work with the American Legion Post 121 in Elm Mott to distribute boxes to veterans and their families.

We are proud of our veterans and thankful to be able to show them that they are appreciated!  Help us feed a veteran!  Donate Today!!