'Filling the Gap'
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When we started working with the American Legion, they introduced us to an organization named Veterans One Stop.  This organization works with helping veterans to receive the benefits they deserve whether it is social services, counseling, financial, education or even finding a job!  It is a “One Stop” for veterans!  Well, they have added the Feed-A-Family box to their list of benefits to the veterans that come in for help.

We are so thankful for this organization and the work they do.  Help us feed a veteran!  Donate Today!!

Visit Veterans One Stop website.



20161025_104253What better way to give back than to give to our veterans!  It has been very sobering to learn about how many of our veterans are homeless and/or struggling to feed their families.  We have begun to work with the American Legion Post 121 in Elm Mott to distribute boxes to veterans and their families.

We are proud of our veterans and thankful to be able to show them that they are appreciated!  Help us feed a veteran!  Donate Today!!




It is the desire of Feed-A-Family to work with our Sheriff’s Department as well as the Police and Fire Departments.  We have begun building our relationship with the Sheriff’s Department in providing boxes for them to distribute to families in distress.  When we heard that several of the Deputies pooled money to purchase groceries for families on a fairly regular basis, we knew these officers had the heart to help!

20160906_075149We are proud of our Sheriff Department!  Support us in supporting them!  It is good public relations for these departments for the community to see that they genuinely care…  And, they do!




mcc1McLennan Community College has their own food pantry to help students struggling while they are actively gaining an education.  Some of those students have families, children, and struggle with keeping food on the table while going to school.  Our boxes have been a perfect fit for many students and the volume of boxes distributed to students has exceeded their initial expectation.  We are so thankful to be working with MCC and praise God for the opportunity to bless students while they are bettering themselves!

Help us support those that are working to complete their education to better provide for their families!  Your support is very much appreciated!


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