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Interview with Jhankarlo Amaro

Jhankarlo is the founder of Jhankarlo Photography, a world renown photography company that specializes in weddings and travel photography. Jhan came to Tlaxcala to document our community kitchen by taking photos, videos, and even got to know the people who we were helping. Listen to his story here!

Interview with Liz Garvey

Liz Garvey is a founder of Feed A Family and El Rio International. She has spent over 20 years as a missionary in Mexico with her husband, Randy Garvey. When the pandemic hit Mexico everything was shut down and many people were left with no resources to feed them or their families. Liz played a vital role in starting our community kitchen and loving on the people who would walk for miles for their free meal. Listen to a piece of her story here!

Interview with Joseph Garvey

Joseph serves a pivotal role in Feed A Family. He is pastor of a young adults ministry in Tlaxcala, Mexico called Canvas. They help by volunteering at the community kitchen as well as providing dental hygiene and medical aid as much as possible.

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